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Spiral Staircase

  • Spiral Staircase VK02S
  • Spiral Staircase VK02S
  • Spiral Staircase VK02S
Spiral Staircase VK02SSpiral Staircase VK02SSpiral Staircase VK02S

Spiral Staircase VK02S

  • Stringer: Carbon Steel
  • Railing:Aluminum Tube DIA 10mm
  • Tread: Beech Thickness: 40mm
  • Handrail: PVC Handrail+ Rod
  • Product description: Product description: Tread: 4CM Thick Solid European Beech Wood; Stringer: 150*150 carbon steel; Railing:10mm aluminum magnesium; buluster :50*50 white square tube.

All of the glass railing and staircase can be customized according to your requirments.

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