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U Channel Handrail Glass Railing

  • U Channel Balustrade VK03UC
  • U Channel Balustrade VK03UC
U Channel Balustrade VK03UCU Channel Balustrade VK03UC

U Channel Balustrade VK03UC

  • Brand: Goodstair
  • U Channel: aluminum
  • Handrail: 304/316 rod
  • Glass: 12mm tempered
  • Product description: Brand: Goodstair Handrail: 304/316 rod U Channel: aluminum Glass: 12mm tempered

we customized staircase/balustrade based on the dimension of the jobsite and client's favor design.

Product Specification

Frameless Glass Balustrade
Model No. U Channel Handrail Glass Balustrade  VK03UC
Component 1. 1100mm Height
2. 12mm Clear Toughened Glass Balustrade
3.  Aluminum
4. 316 Stainless Steel Handrail
Option The height of the glass can be customed according your need.
The thickness of the glass can be 8mm,10mm and 12mm.
The aluminum can have different ways to be mounted
The dai of the handrail can be 42.4mm or 50.8mm.
Advantage 1. Easily Installing
2. Australian Standard AS/NZS2208:1996
3. With CE tested
4. QC test before loading
5.Super Supplier

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