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  • Swimming Pool Glass Spigot VK001
Swimming Pool Glass Spigot VK001

Swimming Pool Glass Spigot VK001

  • Material: stainless steel 304/316
  • Finished: Polished/ Stain
  • Size: 50*220
  • Groove Length: 100mm
  • Product description: 1.Material: stainless steel 304/316 2.Finished: Polished/ Stain 3.Size: 50*220 4.Groove Length: 100mm 5.Suitable Glass :10-12mm Thickness 6.Accessories: Two Screws

Product Specification

Model No. VK001
System name Handrail glass clamp
Material Stainless steel
Finished Polished and stain
Size 50*220mm
Groove Length 100mm
Suitable Glass 10-12mm Thickness
Accessories Two Screws
Installation Configuration briefness and easy to install
Package Standard packaging without any logo, can adjust customers request
Payment terms T/T 30% deposit advanced, balanced before shipping
Delivery time Usually within 15 after receiving deposit.
MOQ 1pc per item

Product Details

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