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U Channel Handrail Glass Railing

  • Frameless Glass RailingVK07S
  • Frameless Glass RailingVK07S
  • Frameless Glass RailingVK07S
Frameless Glass RailingVK07SFrameless Glass RailingVK07SFrameless Glass RailingVK07S

Frameless Glass RailingVK07S

  • Brand: Goodstair
  • Balustrade: 1.2m (height)
  • U Channel: 4cm(width)
  • Glass: 12mm tempered
  • Product description: One-meter aluminum alloy case have two base shoe hidden inside and then the glass is installed in the middle of the clip and fixed with screws.The base shoe can be buried under the concrete floor or d

All of the glass railing and staircase can be customized according to your requirments.

Product Specification

Product NameFrameless Glass Bulastrade VK07S
Component specification Material Finish
Glass 12mm  Tempered Green
U Channel 4cm(width) Aluminum Satin
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