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  • U Channel Aluminum Base Shoe
U Channel Aluminum Base Shoe

U Channel Aluminum Base Shoe

GOODSTAIR supports the entire glass balustrades and the stairs system.

Below is one kind of our glass balustrades. It is cap handrail glass balustrade with the aluminium base shoe.

Detail of Aluminium Base Shoe:
Name Aluminium Frameless Exterior Railing In Base Shoe
Main Part Material 100% Aluminium
Side Cover Material Aluminium
Side Cover Finish Satin
Length 200mm
Height 100mm
Installation No Glass Hole
Mounted Floor Mounted by 2 Holes
Glass panel 10-15mm,8+8mm or 9+9mm Laminated Glass Panel
End Cover Material SUS304 with Satin or Mirror Finished
Features 1)Simple Installation, Just Screw, No Welding
2)Unique Design
3)Good Quality
4)Discount for Big Quantity
6)Detailed installation drawing and instruction of the glass railing will be provided
7)Stronger and Safe

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