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Marble LED Stair in Thailand Pattaya

The work of Pattaya is the project of our company last year.

This year we continue to complete the construction of another villas. It is the marble staircase and balcony railing installation.

The staircase is including the marble tread, the Glass railing, the LED light, and the 304 stainless steel handrail.

They balcony railing is including the glass balustrade, and the 304 stainless steel handrail.

( We can lay a U-shaped groove in the floor and fix the glass in the middle of the U-shaped groove.)

Because marble is natural, it is very fragile.

So we packed it with a wooden frame and transported it to Thailand.

There are fifteen years of professional production and installation of stairs in GoodStair.

GOODSTAIR is your best choice for ordering stairs and railings.


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