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Welcome Canadian Clients to Visit Our Factory

The Canton Fair is just finished. Many clients will visit their chinese suppliers during this period. Before the Fair, we have made sure this itinerary by email.

On the morning of 23rd, April, we went to Guangzhou to pick up our customers. Our factory is near by Guangzhou about one hours driving. 

First, we went to visit our factory first and introduce our factory. The clients were very interested in our producing process. Also talk a lot of the producing details.

After that, we go back to our office to visit our showroom and talk about some staircase project in details.

Nice to communicated with our clients face to face.

GOODSTAIR has been manufactured and export staircases and railings for over 15 years. We produce, design and install. Welcome to visit our factory and showroom.


International Sale Dept.

Apr. 25th, 2018


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