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Swimming Pool Fencing Spigot Glass Balustrade

GOODSTAIR is a manufacturer of glass balustrade and staircases.

Below is our glass spigot balustrade project in the USA last year.

Component Specification Material Finish
U Channel Dia=50.8mm SUS304 Stain
Spigot 260mm tall SUS304 Stain
Glass 12mm tempered clean

Alternation frameless glass railing installation method for choice: U channel holding/Spigot holding.

Handrail shapes and size for choice:
1.Square: Size:15mm*38mm,25mm*50mm,30mm*60mm,40mm*60mm,40mm*40mm,50mm*50mm,
2.Round: Diameter:60mm,50mm,48mm,42mm,38mm

At that time, we assigned one of our engineers to go to the USA to assist the project installation.

We also supply other balustrades systems. If you looking for a professional glass balustrade and

staircase supplier, please let me know.

Good Stair Company

International Sale Dept.

April. 26th, 2018



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