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How to Install Patch Fitting Glass Balustrade

GOODSTAIR is the manufacturer of the glass balustrades and the stairs.
The patch fitting glass balustrade is one kind of our glass balustrades. It is widely usefully.
The dia of the size can be 25mm, 32mm,35mm and 45mm.

Model No. VK002PF
System name Patch Fitting 
Material Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
Finished Polished and stain
Installation Configuration briefness and easy to install
Package Standard packaging without any logo, can adjust customers request
Payment terms T/T 30% deposit advanced, balanced before shipping
Delivery time Usually within 7 after receiving deposit.
MOQ 100pcs per item
Advantage 1. Easily Installing
2. Australian Standard AS/NZS2208:1996 
3. With CE tested
4. QC test before loading
5.Super Supplier

Patch Fitting Balustrade:

Installation Instruction:

Patch Fitting Glass Balustrade Models:

If they are suitable for your project, please let me know.  www.gdstair.com

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