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Customize Stair Tips

Speaking of custom stairs, I believe that everyone has a lot of troubles.

1. The measurement data is not accurate enough to affect the overall effect of the stairs

2. There are too many styles, and it takes much time to see the samples.

3.Don’t know what shape of the stairs is suitable for their own apartment .

4.The installation process is complicated.

Combining the above questions, the following four points will help you solve the above questions.

1. Choose the reliable staircase company, and Choose provide on-site measurement services to directly avoid the errors.

2. Choose the stair styles online, eliminating the need to go out. You don't have to go out, you can also choose your favorite styles.

3. The customer only needs to confirm the styles and materials. The online customer service selects the stairs suitable for the apartment according to the measurement data and the on-site picturedraw 3D drawings and CAD drawings to ensure zero error in each link.

4. Home installation serv ice--It is on step to solve your problems

According to the tips, you must already know how to customize the stairs.


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